Friends of the Koponen Homestead is a 501c(3) non-profit established to support the natural and trails features of the undeveloped portion of Koponen Homestead in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Koponen family has long welcomed the non-motorized recreational use of their undeveloped property, which is replete with horse, walking, and farm trails. With the development of the residential portion of Koponen Homestead, the family wanted to enhance and include logical connectivities to the trail system. Various access points were created. In 2016, an additional 1.5 mile expansion of the east-west connectivity was built for use by local residents which includes Onward Trail, Lingonberry Loop, and Niilo’s Way. The new trails, built with the assistance of a State Parks grant, were granted public status for 5 years, at which point they revert back to Koponen Homestead, LLC.

There is a kiosk in the Bee field that shows the trail map of the area.

    Use or are interested in using the trail system
    Have questions about the trail system
    Want to help with trail grooming or general maintenance of the trail system

Contact either President Mark Harriger at 479-5449, Secretary-Treasurer Chena Newman at 907-488-2001 or email